Every day is a collection of moments. Each week, each month and each year they become our memories.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Crazy with a Capital “C”

January 10

Really, you wouldn’t believe me if I didn’t tell you it was true.  My days are crazy.  With a capital C.  Today is no exception.   Today was actually normal for me.

Baby slept like a champ last night, not waking up even one time so at least everyone here is rested.    She was up for the day at 7:15.  I fed her and we went downstairs to make breakfast.  Steve had plans to help my brother all day today so after we ate we went straight to the office to re-group and get paperwork done while Tessie crawled all over the place looking for mischief to get in to.  I wish I could say it was the first time I was in the office in my PJ’s very un showered and just a few sips into my first bit of coffee.  Alas, it was not. 

She had 2 solid naps today ( 1 ½ hours and 2 hours) and during each of those times I managed to get myself up and dressed,   prep for the show this weekend, follow up on some outstanding things, deal with emails, and file our federal payroll taxes.    I also had several conversations with Dad, and each sister about who can take my ticket to the Guthrie this weekend since I will be at a show.   It bugs me that I was so dumb about my schedule because I really want to go have that bit of fun but there is no way.     At this hour, the ticket may very well go unused.   Bummer.     I also convinced my sister Katie to take Tessie all day Sunday (not that hard) and started the list of things I need to do and pack to make that day as easy as possible.   Lastly, I went a few rounds with two groups of potential tenants.  One group – with no application in yet – is negotiating hard for free rent in February  (and I’m just desperate enough to get the place filled I was considering it).  The other group contains a felony (of course) , something mysterious and illegal from a few years back and a bad phone number from a landlord.   But the felony is old, he claims to have no idea on the mysterious item and I have a corrected number for the landlord.   They can move in in Feb and will pay full price.     Still…  neither scenario feels perfect at this point and I know perfect won’t happen but we were just burned so badly with the last tenants that I am gun shy.  So I weigh the lesser of 2 evils.     Then the phone rings and a new lady sounds EXCITED and she wants to be there in a few hours so we schedule it!! 

I am so busy working that when Tessie wakes up I can’t believe the time.  It’s 2:15 and I have a 3:00 interview for show help.   I haven’t eaten, my hair is crazy, and I have no makeup on.   And she is hungry.   So everything gets done except the me eating part.  Of course.   Tessie and I rush to Starbucks for our interview and I feel totally discombobulated for it. I just like it better if I am there and my coat is off and I am settled when the interviewee arrives.   I feel it gives me home court advantage or something.   During our chat  Tessie is flirting with people, then she starts yelling, not crying – just making as loud a noise as possible -  and I have to take her out of the very car seat I kept her in to make exiting easy.   I’m on the fence about the candidate, but as I start talking to her about availability for shadowing this weekend  (through Tessie’s noise) and I realize I have to go to that house showing.    I say goodbye to the candidate and then I am forced to make chit chat with the two men who want our table as I pack up and strap Tessie into her seat again.   Then we race to the property.  

I get there 5 minutes late and no one is there so I call her.  She sounds SURPRISED!!   Also, she sounded a bit flattered that I called.SO Weird.    “Where is the house??  Today?? Oooh”  and then her tone changed.   “Is this the house that needs a good credit score?  Yeah, we WON’T be coming to see it.”   Listen here crazypants.      She had exactly the same information when she blew off the appointment as when she set it.   I clearly need to start qualifying each showing with a list of questions.   Even when the coversation starts with “I saw the ad”  I have to ask, basically, if they read it.   Honestly.

So…  with a bit of time freed up and T already in the car we cruised to the office  supply store and the consignment store.  I scored some great pants to wear this weekend that look brand new and were only $12.00!!    I also picked up some fruit snacks at office max so I could eat something.   Tessie  groaned all the way home and I realized we are 30 minutes past nap.    Meanwhile, while we were driving we got another lead on the property and he “and his fiancĂ©” will be there tonight at 7:30.   Fingers crossed.  

Now here it is.   5pm.  Baby is sleeping, I am eating cereal and blogging and waiting for my  office help to get here.  Dinner is cooking in the crock pot and Steve is still gone.    I need to pack Tessie for being away from home for 3 days, and I need to prep us for being in the black hole that is called a home show. (25 hours of show in 3 days).   Freezing rain in the forecast for tonight and it has already started.   I still need to make a grocery store run for the weekend to buy food for lunch and I have a recipe for energy bites I want to make to keep us going this weekend.   Final prep for dinner needs to be done too.   My goal is to be on the couch , head to toe in fleece and drinking wine at 8:30.   Wish me luck.


Update on January 14

The 8:30 fleece on the couch didn’t happen.  9:30 happened.  And there was no wine.   And even though I went to the store the deli was closed and I didn’t get the lunch meat I wanted.   The home show was both exhausting and very successful.    The potential renter showed up with his fiance and they loved the house and we are scheduled to sign a lease tomorrow.   Mikayla took my ticket to the Guthrie and our baby girl had a weekend of fun with family.   Bottom line… the crazy is our life and somehow as we make it through all the crazy, and see all kinds of success.