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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dear Tessie,

Your Dad and I are completely obsessed with your awesome-ness.    Everyday we tell each other stories about just exactly how awesome you are.  Every night before bed we go into your room and stare at you.   Your Dad holds your hand or rubs your head and back sometimes.    If he hasn't seen you much that day he picks you up to snuggle.   Sometimes the light from the bathroom or our bedroom wakes you up.   We either drop to the floor to hide so you can't see us or your Dad holds a blanket in front of him so you don't notice.  We giggle every time.   Even though we are always a little bit sorry for disturbing you;  we need that last little "Tessie fix" before we go to sleep.   And you are such a good sleeper that you never stay awake for long.

Fourteen Months old already!!   Somehow you are more fun and more interesting with every passing day. Here is a list (you know how I am) describing your awesome-ness right now.

  • You are incredibly expressive. 
  • You babble non stop
  • A few weeks back you said good bye to crawling and have been walking ever since.   
  • You stay busy for SO LONG on your own loading and unloading things, carring stuff around, distributing it into different places, then going and retrieiving it all and putting it back.     The office isn't nearly the mess it used to be.  Everything is just moved.  constantly.
  • The bottom step is your favorite.  It is just your size.
  • When you see people you know you reward them with huge smiles and excitement.   Your Grandparents, Great Grandparents and Great Aunts especially love this.
  • You eat everything.    You are not picky whatsoever.   Even those weird organic pouches with all the wacked out flavor combinations.. nothing phases you.   We had fajita spiced chicken meat the other day and you shoved it in your mouth like it was candy.  (It WAS good!).   You grabbed a peach the other day and devoured it.   I didn't get a chance to cut it even.   And when you got to the pit you pulled it out and thew it. You begged for broccoli and fresh tomato the other day.  Corn on the cob is becoming a fast favorite too and at the grocery store yesterday you were pointing at avocados.   
  • When you are tired you sign "more" to me, while looking me square in the eye so I pay attention.   More than once I have asked you if you were ready for bed and you start walking to the stairs.   A few days ago you answered with "YES".    You literally dive in to your bed.  If you squawk at all it is for 15 seconds.  You are generally quiet by the time I get downstairs.    
  • You love books.   You turn the pages and "read" them aloud to yourself.   You don't usually sit still long enough for me to read to you anymore though.
  • We signed you up for swimming lessons so you would be comfortable in the water.   Last week at Angie's you wouldn't stop jumping off the side of the pool to me and you even went under a few times.    At Katie's cabin you want to be in the lake every second.   You take it beyond comfortable.  You are obsessed.
  • You figured out how to snap your Duplos together.  You clap for yourself when you do it.  
  • You say DADDY all the time.   You can say HOT and YES and I swear the other day you said DID IT.  

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