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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Let’s pretend it’s Saturday


Today is a Thursday that feels like a weekend to me.  Yesterday I worked in our booth near the State Fair during the afternoon / evening.   Aside from the great people watching and near brush with fame when Gene Simmons’ Tour Bus drove by, all I accomplished was coming home slightly sunburned and extremely dirty.    (I literally had dirt under every single one of my finger nails).      This morning Steve is working the booth, so I am home with the baby and NO WORK PHONE.   Which I love because it feels like a day off.  Which is why it feels like a Saturday.

You may or may not know this about me, but I am an insane list maker.  On weekends, or days like feel like weekends, I  make ridiculous lists while I enjoy my morning coffee.   With Tessie at my side I make these lists out loud and they seem even more ridiculous when spoken, but I do it anyway.  For example, today my list items include:

  • enjoy morning coffee
  • play with Tessie
  • make food for Steve to take to Fair this weekend
  • go to the office, do all that work, blah blah blah

Of course I  have distracted myself already and found this recipe for mini pumpkin muffins on Pinterest.   While the muffins are baking I am blogging and already the baby is awake.  Or did she ever fall asleep?  Such a mystery.   That girl talks non stop.  I go to check out what all the noise is about and attempt a video of her but she is on to my tricks.   I am so busted.

Meanwhile, the muffins are done.  They are DELICIOUS.   No surprise, because the dry ingredients smelled amazing when I was mixing it up.  The topping is totally not needed, but I am a sucker for anything with cinnamon and sugar on top of it so I did it.   Here is the recipe. 


This reminds me.  Emily, thanks for letting me borrow your mini muffin pan 2 years ago. 


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