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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good Cop Bad Cop

Blog  6-15

 It has begun.   

Anyone who knows Steve and I knows that I will always be the bad cop in disciplining Tessie and he will always be the good cop.   He is just much more fun and thousands of times more patient.  

Tessie and I have been struggling with afternoon nap time.  She  sleeps like a champ all night and for her morning nap, and then just fusses and catnaps all afternoon.   She would sleep fine in her swing, but I need her to sleep n her crib.   I need her to learn to fall asleep on her own in her crib.   So we power struggle all afternoon.   Sure, she cries, but it isn’t the torture cry so I can deal with it for awhile before running up and popping her nuk back in and rubbing her head and wishing her sweet dreams.     

Yesterday we were in the office when the fussing started.    I was working on a quote so Steve jumped up.  Not 30 seconds later I hear cartoon Steve on the monitor.   He was talking to her and being all animated and changing her diaper and then…. You guessed it…. Brought her down to the office with him.  “Her eyes were wide open!” he said.   Right, because she wasn’t asleep.    So there she was with us in the office but she didn't want to play, either.   She was still tired.  So back upstairs she went (with daddy this time) and she fell asleep.   In the swing. 

I know he was happy to see her and I’m sure she smiled at him when he got to her crib but it will not take her long to figure out that a big smile to her daddy will get her just about anything she wants.  

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