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Sunday, August 26, 2012


My favorite thing to do... yet the hardest thing for me to accomplish.   Why is that?

I had planned to work the event today and leave Steve home with Tessie.  This would give him a break, an opportunity to lay low and plan for the week as needed, and of course, to spend time with our peanut.    I was excited to hang outside on a slow day and have a break of my own from the routine of child care.


I hadn't really considered where I would need to pump, if there was enough milk here for her, etc.   Plus, Steve had a great day out there yesterday and wanted to go back.  So I sent him out the door with no real breakfast, and no food packed for him to eat all day.  Somehow, I have failed to plan any food for him, and we are out of eggs and cereal.   How does that happen??   How does a girl who loves to plan and loves to cook and is desperate almost every second to make things easier for Steve not do that?  

Pinterest has to be the answer, right?   We have another 10 days of goofy schedules while we work the Fair.    Our lives are goofy schedules anyway...  never really home at a mealtime and always searching for a fast food alternative.    Today I will figure it out.   This is my project.   I will discover quick breakfast on the go options,  healthy snacks, and meal options that can be packed.   I will finally create a "snack drawer" in our kitchen that will become our go to place for something fast.    I will once again embrace the crock pot for dinners that can be started early and then ready at 2 or 3 or 6 or 8...   whenever dinner actually happens.  

I really enjoy cooking.  I love eating real food.   Planning ahead makes me happy.   A day off with virtually no interruptions is bliss.   Combining all four elements sounds perfect.  

Welcome to my Sunday.

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