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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

3 Month Photos


I am obsessed with pictures – which is sort of funny given that I am a terrible photographer.    I would actually cover the walls of my home  with pictures of people I love  (Kardashian style) if I could.   So needless to say I am appreciative of the gift of a good photographer who can always seem to get the right shot. 

My Tessie is the sweetest, most content and happy baby girl.    Steve and I can just stare and stare and stare at her, marveling at how sweet she is.   We love the expressions and the bright eyes and the crazy crazy hair.  Try as I might, I have not been successful in capturing her on film.   With her 3 month photos on the horizon I knew I had nothing to worry about, because Peggy (the official photographer of Tessie) could do it.   My focus has been on the picture and that sweet face. 

Until we scheduled the date for the photos.   It was then that I realized I had no idea what I wanted her to wear.  Suddenly I was  in super speed mode scouring Pinterest and Etsy for inspiration and ideas.  Just like that I immediately stuck to the idea of an enormous fluffy tutu and headband.   Great!  With only 2 days until the shoot I didn’t have time to order one so I put “buy tutu” on my list of things to do on Monday.  

Right. Mondays over here are not normal.    Planning doesn’t work, problems seem to jump out of the woodwork and the frustration level seems to increase every hour.  We turn from thoughtful and planful business owners to firefighters.   So me leaving during the day to buy a tutu seemed, well, insane.   I called every baby consignment store I could find  asking if they had one in stock.  After about the 6th call  Once upon a Child  in Shakopee had what I needed.   They even offered to put it on hold!   YEAH!

After dinner Tessie and I jumped in the car and headed out there.   Yes, they did have a tutu but it was the saddest thing I had ever seen. Only one layer of tulle over satin?  That isn’t a tutu!!   We bought it, and then headed straight to JoAnn Fabrics to see how we could fix it.   Yes.  3 yards of fuscia tulle should do the trick.   I don’t sew  (much to my Mother’s dismay) but I do watch Project Runway.   So I knew that a little fabric glue, some wide ribbon and a few safety pins would get it done.    By 9:30pm we finally got home. 

Exhausted and frustrated husband.   Starving me.  Overtired baby.   Crying baby.  Screaming baby.  Sleeping baby.    We cycled through all of that, and then I poured myself a drink, turned on Bachelor Pad and got started.  It was after 10pm. My bedtime.  So I just started cutting and placing tulle  (while explaining Bachelor Pad to Steve) until I transformed the sad little skirt to this.  Not bad, right?   I went to bed quite pleased with myself. 

tutu before tulle

The photo shoot the next day was grueling. 

Although she had only been up for 45 minutes or so, and had a full tummy, my sweet baby wasn’t interested in lying there all content and happy for Peggy to photograph.   She only wanted to sleep.  But she wouldn’t sleep.  So she just sort of scowled at us the whole time.   She found her time in the tutu to be particularly distasteful.  Peggy got a great picture of her holding up the tutu and scowling at the same time, but that wasn’t exactly the shot I had been dreaming about.  (even though I’m sure I’ll love it)  Finally we gave in, took the crazy tutu off, wrapped her in the blanket so she wouldn’t be cold, and then we were rewarded with the sweetest smiles ever.  I imagine she was just happy to have it off.   Stinker. 

We changed her and tried some more.   I have never had to try so hard to get a smile from her!  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  I actually discovered that if I sounded really excited while speaking Spanish to her she thought it was funny.  (“Donde esta el guacamole?” Hola Baby!  Como estas?  Como estas?  Comos estas?  Que bonita baby! Quieres guacamole”  was said over and over.)  So the bottom line is that we powered through it.  You know when you’re watching America’s Next Top Model and Tyra says “We got this picture but when we went through your film there wasn’t a lot to choose from?”   That is what we felt like previewing the pictures before I left.   We totally got great pictures of her but we worked for them.   I’m super excited to see the finished product and will share when we get them!

Have a great day!


PS:  After reading this I see that I made reference to three different reality TV shows in this post.  Welcome to my life. 

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