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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Random thoughts..

1Originally written on 7-15-12

     Dear Tessie,

  •        I am fully planning to find a trike for you and then to have it sand blasted and painted hot pink.   I don’t know for sure that your dad is on board with this, but I think you will need a pink trike.
  •        At 11 weeks you know that all you need to do is smile at your Daddy and he gives you what you want.   At nap time if you’re fussy and he runs up to soothe you and pop your Nuk back in you smile very sweetly at him and he picks you up.  Before I know it you’re back in the office with us!
  •       Your Dad loves to say crazy things about you.  Like:
    •         When your fingernails are dirty he says you’ve been out in the garden.
    •          When I ask him where you are (he always puts you somewhere different) he’ll say “she is riding her bike”  or “she is organizing the garage” or “she is fixing the printer”.
    •        When you are making noises in your crib he asks me if you’re eating a sandwich.
  •           I like a bow in your hair.   The other day before your nap you actually reached up and dragged it out of your hair.. and then smiled at me.  I’m not sure if you’re just pleased with yourself for actually getting it out… or if you’re anti-bow.  Hmmm….

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