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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Four Weeks Already?

originally written 5-29-2012

4 weeks tomorrow!  I can hardly believe it.   Yesterday was the party for Steve, Bryan, Izzy and John and we hosted.  The weather was perfect, the kids ran and played and got dirtier than ever (think chips, melted chocolate ice cream and juicy juicy watermelon), and Tessie got passed around so everyone could hold her.  She didn’t make a peep, when she was awake she looked around calmly as could be and when it was time for her first bottle  (from Auntie Katie)  she didn’t hesitate and she eagerly drank it until it was gone.

Her next bottles were goofy because I’m not really exactly how much she drinks when she is nursing.   Since I had enjoyed margaritas at the picnic I wasn’t about to nurse her.    After she drained the first 2 ounces we waited about 20 minutes then gave her more.   So..  all in all I’d say she had her last bottle 9 :30ish.   At 4am I woke up startled that she was still sleeping and ran in to her room to check on her.  Yup.  Still breathing.   Then I woke her up to feed her.   It seems crazy to wake her up in the middle of the night, but she just seems tooo little to go that long without eating!!    The she only ate for 7 minutes  falling asleep again.   It was like a courtesy eating. So it was weird.  BUT..   I know she doesn’t have an eating disorder.  When she is hungry she wakes and she nurses.   She is healthy.  She is growing.  She has 2 chins and her diapers are getting tight on her thighs.    I just need to keep watching her to be sure she is eating.   I know now that most of the time she will sleep at least 4 hours when she first goes down, and then will eat exactly 3 hours after that, and after that.

She really is the best baby.   I love how still and content she is after she eats.   Sometimes she squirms and fights and turns her head so much when I am holding her  that I just have to put her down.   She is a girl who likes her space.  Even after a nap I will go look at her and see that she is wide awake and calm.   Like she is enjoying the silence or something.   Like me.

In the last few days it is apparent to me that she while she is calm and staring at our faces she will smile socially.    She will coo  and she will even stick out her tongue at us when we do it to her.   It’s the cutest and a huge thrill.   Yes, it seems mean to be sticking out your tongue at the baby but it feels like we’re talking and I love it.  Steve and I had the best time on Saturday night sticking out sour tongue out at her.  Then on Sunday morning when she woke up  she smiled at me and then stuck her tongue right out… as if to say “remember Mom??”    Yes baby.  I remember. 

She has gotten really good at running errands with me.   We have been to the grocery store a few times, the mall of America twice, Marshalls, and she even came with Izzy and Grandma Katie and I when we went to a restaurant for dinner after shopping.   Such a good girl!

This week I need to be better at snapping into action in the morning.  I feel like I need to get at least 3 hours of work done each day.  I think it would help if I could sit down with Steve and plan what needs to happen each day so I can feel a  little in control about what is happening- and so I can make sure to be focusing on  the right things at the right times.   The fact is, somedays I just can’t stop looking at her long enough to actually get anything done.

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