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Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Free Saturday... (almost)

Today was crazy.  

Steve had a day off  (well, only one appt) so we finally had ourselves a Saturday.     Tessie woke up to eat just after 6am  like normal and after I fed her I laid her in bed between us so we could enjoy some family snuggle time.   Then Steve fell asleep.  Then Tessie did.  Then I did.   An hour later Tessie woke me  up.   She is the sweetest.   She was looking right at me and just making little cooing noises.   As soon as I opened my eyes I as rewarded with a huge smile.  Love that little girl! 

Snuggle time with Daddy
We went downstairs and I started making breakfast   (egg bake and blueberry muffins).    She started fussing and Steve heard her and rushed down to be with her.   They talked and visited and snuggled on the couch until it was time for us to eat.  

In her stroller at the Market. 
After breakfast we checked the work phone and got the message that Adam was sick – and needed to be relieved from working the Market.  Since Steve had a lead, it was up to me and Tessie.   So much for a quiet morning at home!   Tessie and I worked the market from 10:30-1:30.   While there were too many strange noises (the saxophone player, the ambulance racing by and the wrecker vehicle honking like always) for her to sleep, she did finally enjoy a long nap in her stroller in the fresh air.  Of course,  our farmers market friends were all excited to see us. 

We all went to lunch at Boston Market and then came home for a late lunch.   And then after Tessie’s nap we went on a walk around Lake Nokomis.  We have not walked around a lake in 2 summers, and here it is the 18th of August already.   Can you believe it??    For me there is nothing more relaxing than staring at water and feeling the breeze on my face.   And yet, I haven't made it a priority to make it happen.   So during our walk of course my favorite time was just sitting on the bench with Steve admiring our sleeping baby and enjoying the view of the lake.     It's almost embarrassing to admit that I have craved relaxation for so long now, and the perfect lake is incredibly close and easy to get to.    Tessie and I could just go there whenever we want.   Maybe next summer we’ll go every week to splash around at the beach.   

After the lake  Steve made us an awesome dinner, we put the baby to bed and watched a movie.   All in all a wonderful day .  Even though we still had a little work mixed in, it still felt like a day off.

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