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Sunday, August 12, 2012

So many visitors!!

Originally written 7-13

Dear Tessie, 

This week you’ve had lots of visitors.

Grandma Katie is working on a big project at work so she has to work in Minneapolis at least once a week.  This is perfect because it means she can zoom in to our house on the way home and talk and visit with you for an hour or so..   This last week she said she wants to see you all the time because she is afraid that before she knows it you’ll be a big girl and she will have missed the whole baby time.   I feel the same way and I see you every day!!

Auntie Em gets her haircut right by our house so she surprised us with a 15 minute visit before her appointment this week.   You are so happy to see her that you smiled really big and talked to her the whole time she was here.  It made it really hard for her to put you down and she was almost late. 

The paparazzi came over on Thursday afternoon for a few hours.   The paparazzi is what I call  Grandma Kathy, Great Grandma Lorraine and Great Auntie Pat.   Pat says she is an addict and she needs her Tessie Fix.  Grandma Lorraine just moved into a new apartment and it is still a little weird for her there.  She loves to get out and visit with you to take a break .  This week she wanted a picture to take back with her so she could brag to her new neighbors about how cute you are.  

Of course Grandma Kathy is your biggest fan.   She has her camera out before she gets into the house and she takes so many pictures of you!!    After she leaves she gets them printed and then she shows everyone at work and I think maybe everyone she sees.    (She did mention that even the man at the gas station where she gets her newspaper every Sunday has started calling her Grandma!).   She loves this, of course, because when you love your granddaughter as much as she loves you the best thing in the world to be called is Grandma!

The paparazzi usually comes every one or two weeks for the afternoon.  Not only do they take lots of pictures, but they hold you and love you up every second.   Then they tell you how smart you are, how pretty you are, what a nice girl you are, and how successful you are going to be.   They exclaim with delight over everything you do; even if it’s just you turn your head to watch them walk across the room.  I love it when they come over.  I think every little girl should have people who love her tell her how great she is every second.   It is like your own cheering squad.  It has to be good for your self esteem!  

Since they are clearly not here to see me, I usually run to the office to get some work done while they gush at you.    A few weeks ago I went to get a pedicure and this week your Dad and I ran out to get lunch together, talk about an upcoming meeting and run an errand.  

I know how much they like pictures so I need to remember to print some that I take to send to them, too.   It’s always fun to get a surprise in the mail right?


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