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Sunday, August 12, 2012

This is serious...

Originally written 6-17-12

This baby thing really is an awesome responsibility.   I find myself looking at the whole world differently.   The TV is too loud.   I cannot allow her to watch half the crap that is on TV.   I just finished off the bag of chips before dinner but I hands are greasy..  I can’t let her eat that!    I even looked at bacon with horror the other day thinking that I can’t even believe I eat it, (but its soo good!)

I  have never been a health nut .  I am not a vegan or vegetarian or organic  food only sort of person.   I am not a “no sugar before you’re 5” type of person.    I just look a this precious baby and think.  I created you.  You are growing and are healthy with only my breast milk.   You are perfect right now, and I cannot ruin you with food.      Very young kids who know their favorite meal at multiple fast food places scare me.    Kids who are overweight because of poor nutrition make me sad.    I want the best for my  Tessie.     

I decided while I was pregnant that I would make her baby food.   Mostly because  I wanted to keep controlling what she eats (control freak) and partially because the challenge of it sounds good.   As part of my research I read this blog….  Which really inspired me and cemented my decision.     The author says that she wants her baby to think it is totally normal to eat lots of different fruits and vegetables every day.   She wants her baby to experience the texture of real  food and the true flavor.   I like it. 

We are at the farmers market every weekend anyway.   We have the best blender known to man.  And we both want to make sure that the best gift we ever got stays as healthy as can be.  We will teach her from the beginning that the best food is actually GOOD food.   The best dessert really is fruit and variety  is the spice of life.   

Hopefully her father and I won’t be total hypocrites and keep eating the same crap we have been while teaching her good eating habits.  Hopefully.    We'll see how it goes.  Intent is everything, right?

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