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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Babies Bring Joy

originally written 6-1-12

Babies  bring joy.  It is the greatest.  I feel responsible for bringing so much happiness to Steve’s family.   Grandma Kathy comes over every week, gifts in hand, camera snapping away , grinning from ear to ear.   She is so thrilled to tell us about how she has been sharing pictures with everyone at work (*sometimes more than once).   Her friends want to come see the baby too.     I don’t even have all the birth announcements mailed yet and she already brought hers in to be custom mounted and framed!    She has pictures of the nursery, her first diaper change, and tons with Steve and Tessie.   The first time I left Tessie  it was with Grandma Kathy so I could buy groceries for the birthday party.   They spent an hour alone together and I think all three of us loved it.

Great Auntie Pat came over yesterday.   She was already oohing and aahing from the front step.   She could not wait to get her hands on the baby.  She kept saying how different she looked than when she was 4 hours old.  I loved hearing the pride in her voice as she talked about meeting Tessie at just 4 hours old.    Tessie stared at her like crazy and even talked to her a bit.   It was almost as if she knew how much it meant to Pat to do that.  

Great Grandma Lorraine was so happy to see her yesterday too.     Tessie gave her a good stare and almost smiled at her,  but at 4 weeks its just too soon to expect that.  That family is just so happy every second they are with Tessie I can’t even be overwhelmed when they come over.   I’m just glad to have played my part in bringing this bit joy into their lives.

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