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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Some Things about Tessie


Today is the most beautiful day ever.   The temperature is perfect, the sun is shining, it isn’t too hot or humid or anything.   I love it.    Sadly, Steve had to work all day on a job site  (don’t ask) so he isn’t enjoying it.    And if he isn’t enjoying it then Tessie and I don’t really enjoy it much either.   She and I have, however, had a lovely day.   park

During the last week she has become smarter.   Or maybe she is just stronger in her ability to communicate.  Who knows, maybe she has just finally started connecting the dots..   ha ha, I’m kidding.   We are just in that magical time together when she is slowly slowly demonstrating to us what she knows and we love it.  

We can ask her things  “where is your baby?”  or “where is your belly?”  and she instantly goes in search of them.   I told her when she was done with her milk she could put it on the counter instead of throwing it on the floor.   She tried, but she was too short to actually reach  (my fault).   She will sign please and thank you and night night to me on command. 

She chatters non stop.  Seriously.  Non stop.   I am not sure if she can actually say 100 words or 10 words because amidst all that chatter I am starting to hear things.    She is obsessed with the book Brown Bear Brown Bear  (what do you see?)  and 1/2 the time will point correctly to the animal you ask her about.    She put her finger to her lips and shushed me this morning.   Not sure where she picked that up, but it was amusing to see.   She continues to clink glasses with us in a toast every single time we sit down together at the table. bear

For some reason she is waking up during the night wanting to nurse again.  Just once.  It’s inconsistent.  Sometimes at 11:30pm, sometimes at 5:30 am, sometimes any time in the middle.   When I go to her it isn’t the sleepy slow motion sign she gives me, it is hard and deliberate and a bit forceful.  Like she is SERIOUSLY hungry and not in the mood to play games.     We don’t really nurse much at all anymore.  I just take her lead and go with the flow.  Yesterday she abandoned me in favor of her water glass.    Someday soon she’ll decide she’s done; probably.

Aside from the night time waking, she remains a great sleeper.  Still a morning and afternoon nap and lately one of those naps has been in the 2 1/2 hour – 3 hour range.  Fantastic for me when she is home because I can get lots of work done in that chunk of time.   When I ask her if she is ready she giggles a bit  (and then lately puts her  hand on her cheek to sign for nap).   She isn’t doing the 30 second fuss any more and this afternoon she smiled and waved at me as I walked out of her room.    I will never forget the day my niece Mikayla did that to me 11 years ago; and now my sweet girl just did the same thing.

When we are cooking she wants to be in on the action.  She wants to watch.   Steve puts her up on the counter with him.   It’s possible that is how an egg landed on the floor this morning.   There is only so much I can do with her on my hip so today I pulled up a chair and told her not to fall off.   I like that she is curious and I am happy knowing that she will have memories of cooking together withcooking chair both of her parents.  cooking eggs







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