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Saturday, September 15, 2012

She enjoys visiting, shopping, grabbing…


T collage 9-14

It has been a typical fall week in Minnesota.  It has gone from 90 degrees and humid a few days ago and now its 63 and sunny.   I went from giving Tessie her frozen teether to enjoy while I ate popsicles, to obsessing about finding her a winter coat.  

We’ve gone a few adventures this week:

  • We went to Angie’s for an evening to hang with her and the boys.   They are obsessed with her; showering her with attention every second.  And Ben can say her name.  Sure, it sounds like “Duckie” but that just makes it cuter.
  • Steve, Tessie and I went to MOA on Friday to meet Angie and the boys in the park and then head up to the food court for her birthday lunch.    To actually sneak away in the middle of the work day to do something fun was kind of unheard of.  And very fun.  Ironically the chaos of the Mall was not as annoying to her as the chaos from the wedding a few weeks ago.  Maybe she is soothed by the promise of retail therapy. Who knows.
  • Speaking of which, we took a little drive to Burnsville last night to try and find a winter coat at Once Upon a Child… only to find out that they close at SIX on Friday nights.   Ridiculous.  So we went back today and walked out with two different coats for her at $17 total. They are the perfect coats; they are in great condition, and the cost offsets the Ugg boots I bought her last Sunday.  Winter can come whenever it wants, my baby will be toasty warm.   And lest you think I’m over eager… I remind you I am still in Minnesota.   It could get cold in 4 weeks or 4 months.   We just never know.

So what else?  In the last week or so it has become official that Tessie falls asleep better when she has something on the side of her face.  Specifically, she likes her little yellow bunny. Earlier today she actually untangled herself from the swaddle in the flannel receiving blanket so she could wad it up and put it by her cheek.   I, of course, cannot stop taking pictures of her sleeping.   She is the sweetest.

            t sleeping 9-10   t sleeping 9-15

In addition to holding on to her bunny at bed time, she is hanging on to toys every second. I plop her on the blanket with a few toys and the next thing I know she has grabbed on to one of them to hold or actually just started wearing it like a bracelet. I especially love when she wears the moose.  Don’t want him escaping!

moose bracelet 9-13 hang on toys 9-12 hang on book 9-12

That’s it for now!

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