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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Good things come in threes!!


cereal collage 9-14

Last Friday night we gave her cereal for the first time! Exactly one year after we found out we were pregnant we gave her cereal.   It seems fun, but I have been bizarrely emotional about it… just not been ready to admit that she is big enough to need more than I can give her.   But her sleeping has been really off lately and she has been waking up earlier and earlier and then had a few days when she got up every 3 hours all night to eat.  For a baby that has been sleeping through the night since 8 weeks old…  I did not do well with this sudden lack of sleep again.   So I denied that maybe cereal was the answer for more than a few days.   And then I was ready.    Steve was home so we made it a whole event.  We started with some crazy family self portraits.  She looks into it, don’t you think?

family self portrait 9-15 family c 9-14 family b 9-14

Then we went for it, taking turns feeding her and watching her kick her legs with excitement.  

The very next morning she rolled over.  Since Steve was at the Market I had the video on her for a verrrrrrrry long time.  She was so close to rolling for so long…  so I was determined to catch her first flip to show her Dad.   I have a ridiculous amount of footage that resembles the first few 1/2 of this video.   So.. as you’ll hear….  I was AS surprised as she was when she finally rolled.  Love.

Finally, the weekend ended with a Sunday Family Day at Pat’s house where Tessie met her NewYork relatives, Mary, Selam and Yohannes.  

T with Yohannes, Mary & Pat 9-16 T and Selam 9-16

See?  Good things do come in threes!!!


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