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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hump Day and Other Confessions


I am not a fan of Wednesdays.  We expect Monday to be wild and unpredictable.  Tuesdays have promise to be better, and to allow some work to be done.   This rarely happens lately, so by Wednesdays I am completely frustrated.  Maybe it is just the work I’ve had lately, but there are just so many things that I work on every chance I get and they never get done.   My top priority for several weeks has been the exact same thing.   I got it done today.  I think.  But then, I’ve thought this previously too.   

Tessie had a super long nap this afternoon so I had a long stretch of time to hammer out a different project I’ve been dreading and although it isn’t done…  I have a plan now so I actually know how to finish it.  You’d think I would enjoy a puzzle but not this one.   I don’t like  puzzles I feel unqualified to solve.  Or puzzles that are boring when done. 

Finally at 5:30pm I stopped.  Tessie was awake and ready to be entertained so I obliged.   Steve and I did our “tomorrow is garbage day” eat all the leftovers routine for dinner and I decided to bake.   To be honest I would have preferred a drink, but they don’t recommend nursing when you’re a little buzzed.  So I bake.  I had 3 soft apples on the countertop so I found this recipe for apple muffins and went for it.  


I put my little baking buddy in her crazy chair and she watched me and listened very intently to me talking through the recipe.   She seemed intrigued at the amount of butter, as was I,  and simply shocked that the recipe called for a “pinch of cinnamon”.   Even a baby knows that the more cinnamon the better when baking apple muffins.   And throw some allspice in there, while you’re at it. 

tessie 9-5-12

They turned out just fine.   They aren’t the greatest ever but they aren’t bad.  I did use Emily’s mini muffin pan again and 13 of them are gone… so they are just fine.  

Now for confession time.   I am ready for fall.  I am ready for 70 degree days and cool nights, and wearing long sleeves.  I am ready for a cold rainy day.  I am ready for weather that is so crummy that there is no choice but to stay inside.   All summer long I feel like I am missing out on fun outdoor things.  Between having an infant and working every second this summer, I didn’t have enough time to play.   It seems that everyone I know was playing nonstop and I was home.  Working.  And feeding the baby.  Sometimes, while working.  At night I got to see my husband, and talk about work.  Unless he was gone.  Working.   See?

Fall and winter have no expectations.   We get to hibernate.  We get to cook warm cozy comfort food and drink tea and wear a scarf every day if we want.   TV comes back so the sadly addicted TV people like me get to watch it as much as we want.  If there was anything worth watching right now Steve and I would be doing just that.  Instead he is obsessively shredding all of my old checks that he just found in the desk.   Most annoying sound ever.  This wouldn’t be happening if it was fall.   I’m ready. 

Oh, and one more thing.  I’ve started my Birthday / Christmas gift list.   I might be too engrossed in TV or planning Tessie’s first Christmas  to come up with a good list when I need it so I decided to just do it.   I guess if I can’t plan for how my day is ever going to go I can plan for fun things I want people to buy me.  Totally logical.


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