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Monday, September 10, 2012

Tessie’s Thursday in Pictures

Yesterday was a big day.  After being completely worn out from the  beginning of the week I had zero expectations going in to yesterday.   Then I learned Steve would be gone the entire day working on services and running errands and writing up a job  (from a guy he met last November), so that really freed things up for me.sunflowers

I indulged in working at the dining room table so I could feel the cool air come in and see the sunshine.   I just bought some sunflowers to put in the bay window, too, so I had an extra little bit of happy in my sightline.  

Tessie darling was busy talking to herself in the mirror and investigating the little frog I attached to her activity gym.

T mat 8-30 T Mat 3 8-30 T mat 2 8-30

After lunch Grandma Kathy came over for a quick visit, and to continue working on the gardens she has planted for us.   She added this beautiful black mulch and I love it!garden.jpgrden  8-30

Mid-afternoon I gave up on the dining room table and we went down to the office.  After a minute or two Tessie seemed bored with her swing.   So I pulled out her enormous toy saucer to see if she was big enough for it yet.   Her eyes got super big when I grabbed it and she watched me carry it over her and put it in the middle of the room.   When I put her in it she was excited. Super smiley and then non stop action.  She literally did not know what to look at first.   I think she liked being able to “stand” and it didn’t take her long to figure out she could rotate around.  The next time I looked at her she had her back was to me.   Perfect.  I quickly did all the data entry I could find.

saucer 5 8-30  saucer 2 8-30 saucer 3 8-30 saucer 4 8-30 

When we were  done working for the day she watched me clean up the kitchen and make dinner.

 t bumbo 8-39

Then we went to watch some TV.   I sat on the floor next to her with my laptop working on her latest shutterfly album.   She hung out on he quilt and discovered that she was actually quite good at getting her thumb into her mouth. Perfect.  Now she always has something to chew on!

 T Thumb 8-30    I’m such a proud mama.  


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