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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some weekends are fun. This one wasn’t.

fall jacket 9-21-12

It all started on Friday.   It was one of those annoying days when nothing went right.  This includes Tessie and I waiting outside for a potential renter to come to my house.   The first person of course didn’t show and the second came 1/2 hour late so Tessie and I got colder and colder while it got darker and darker outside.   She finally fell asleep in my arms and then I showed the property.    Of course the tenants forgot so when he answered the door he said “hold on I have to put some shorts on”.   And the other tenant sat in her chair and told us about her bladder infection.  Then I learned the third tenant is smoking inside the house.  UG.   So all of this happens instead of me making dinner, putting the baby to bed, or grocery shopping for the weekend.  

Saturday the “Steve and Melissa Show” went to the Fairgrounds to work a Home Show together.   After a long crappy week we were in an 8x20 booth together all day.   It was quite fun, actually because ever since baby we haven’t worked together at a show so it felt like old times.   It would have been super awesome if there had been any homeowners walking through so we had a shot at writing some business out of it..  but whatever.  Shows like that are the worst because when no one is there you have no choice but to think about what the work you aren’t doing, the fun you aren’t having, and the baby you aren’t at home playing with.   You can’t get that time back.   And you paid to be there.  That is the worst of it.

9-23-12 show c 9-22-12 show a 9-22-12 show b 9-22-12 show d

Sunday Steve worked the show on his own. ( Not that it was any “work” because once again no one was there except vendors) and I stayed home with the cutie pie.   The super duper non napping cutie pie.  So somehow I don’t feel like I got anything fun or personal done even though I wasn’t working.   Now here it is Sunday night at 8:30.   Tessie is sleeping,  Steve is trying very hard to organize and clean out the garage, and I am watching the Emmy’s with a laptop on my lap. Gazing at at the gorgeous dresses that make those women one million times more put together than the “ in-my-pj’s-never-bothered-to-shower” look  I have.

We have (2) huge install jobs starting tomorrow,  a pile of projects stacking up on my desk, and all those annoying things from Friday still unresolved.   Steve will be on the go all day tomorrow an I am crossing my fingers that Tessie gives me at least one good solid nap so I can power through the work. 


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