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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rolling Over.. the gateway drug for babies


This baby is crazy town.   She rolled from back to front a week ago Saturday.   Two days later she rolled from front to back.   By the end of the week she was propelling herself in circles on the floor while on her stomach.  (Imagine my surprise when I put her down facing the dining room, went to dry my hair and came back to see her facing the TV).  Yesterday, and I swear this happened, she dug her toes into the floor and lifted her but way in the air.  It was sort of like a mini baby version of downward dog. She doesn’t just hold her head up she extends her arms and hold it WAY up.   And I see her focusing on things out of her reach and trying to move.   She can’t yet (thank goodness) but this is all moving way to fast for me.   10 days ago she couldn’t even roll over and today I feel like if I don’t watch my back she is going to sneak up behind me.

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