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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Starting out September

originally written 9-1-12family pic at wedding 8-31-12

I find it funny that even though my blogs are basically an unedited stream of consciousness, I still sometimes start writing and then forget to finish or publish.    So we digress to Sept 1. Only two short weeks ago, but it definitely seems like old news!

Highlights from the beginning of the month:

  • Tessie has discovered her hands in a really big way.  She is aware of them all the time, and she is controlling them really well.  There is less of that crazy arm waving and more deliberate movement.  
  • Charlotte got married on Friday, August 31.  The day of the wedding she spent playing with Great Aunt Pat and even had her first bath in the baby tub.  (I couldn't pretend she fit in the sink any longer!)
  • The wedding was gorgeous.  Every detail was so pretty, and the weather could not have been better.   Sadly, our little stinker screamed bloody murder each time we brought her in to the reception room.   Steve and I took turns walking outside with her while the other visited inside.   Mom and Angie took her while we were eating, and when there was no longer any denying it, we head home.  I would have loved to enjoy some wine and dance a little, but she wouldn’t have it.  Luckily, we got a few great family shots before the screaming started.   Note the scowl on her face.  They call that foreshadowing.

 scowl 8-31 

  • The day after the wedding we went to Picone’s for a BBQ.   She was in much better spirits, flirting with everyone, and even napping outside in the stroller under a tree.   
  • Oh, and I tossed her this cloth book to look at while I showered and when I got out of the shower she was wearing it.   Like a vest. 

wear vest 8-31  bbq 9-1

So much happens on the weekends.  I am starting to wonder if that much happens every day and I am just too busy working to notice it.  Hmmm

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