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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chomp Chomp..


I love infant toys.   So many of them seem to be a mix of fun fabrics to feel,  hard plastic to chew on and then some noise.   My Tessie is drooling non stop and is clearly starting to teethe.  Yet…. she would rather stuff the fabric of these toys in her mouth, or find the tag of the toy to chew on.  Every time I give her the hard plastic chewy part to chew on instead she ignores it.  She just doesn’t care. 

Then a few days ago I was in the office and turned around to see this:

chomp mooseI was really so proud of her for getting the teether part of the toy and getting it into her mouth!   Clearly she was pretty happy too..  because now she is constantly chewing.on things.   She uses her free hand to (feel the plush) and to make darn sure that the toy stays in her mouth.chomp moose feet chomp elephant chomp elephant 2

My favorite was when she got hold of the elephant trunk.  Isn’t she clever?   chomp elephant trunk

Of course we’ve also got this pink teether that goes in the freezer.   We’ve dragged it out a few times and she has only been interested in chewing on it for a little while…. and even then only when we were holding on to it.  (Tooo cold, I suspect).   But now that she is on board with chewing on toys she was happy to hang on to it and chew it and lick it on her own.    I asked her what changed….  this is what she had to say:

Got it?


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