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Thursday, March 14, 2013

We’re all normal


Today I was able to scoot out of the house for a few hours to run errands on my own while Tessie stayed home and played with Auntie Pat.    As I was waiting in line a the grocery store a nice older lady and I were chatting about the tabloids and how after looking at the “beach bodies” on some of those people we feel pretty darn good about our bodies.  

I love days when Pat comes over because it gives me the freedom to hunker down in the office or run a few crazy errands without worrying about the baby’s schedule. Like all mothers, I am a slave to her schedule.   Eat. Play. Sleep….  over and over and over for months and months.    It is no wonder that I feel I am on a never ending treadmill.  Or like that character in Groundhog Day.   I am faced with the same tasks and the same challenges every day with curve balls thrown in all the time.   Days when I get tons of work done in the office I feel badly that I’ve ignored the baby too much.   Days when I play with the baby all day I feel badly that I’ve ignored the office too much.  Days that fly by in an instant make me feel  badly that I’ve ignored Steve too much.   Did I make dinner?  Is there food for breakfast?  Lunch?   Tessie?   Did I ever stop to think about what HAD to get done in the office today?   Did I do it?  Is there laundry clean?    As Steve gets busier with work I need to step up and take care of the housework he normally does.   We are lucky to have help in the office, but getting ready for her and managing her take,s time too.  So some days I drink lots of coffee and plow through stuff.  Other days I just give in and hope tomorrow is better.    Other days, like today,  I am feeling great that I got some of the errands done, but also frustrated that is afternoon and I haven’t started work yet.    I’m not alone, Steve is also frustrated I haven’t been in the office yet.  Baby girl is asleep, I’m overwhelmed, so I write a bit.   I can work after I’m done.

In the next 8 weeks we have 3 family birthdays,  Tessie’s first Easter, her Baptism, Her BIRTHDAY,  and 12 days of home shows. Oh, and swimming lessons.   Tessie and Daddy  are THIS close to being signed up for swimming lessons.   We are going to make every event for our baby as special as can be.  We are going to hope that the house stays reasonably put together.   We are going to do our best to have decent food in the house so we don’t just eat crap.  We are going to do our best to keep the office running smoothly, to keep our customers happy and to keep this business moving forward.  Last, but not least, we are going to try and remember that we are normal.  None of the frustrations we may have are unique.  Everybody, everywhere has something to deal with.   So just like the sweet older lady and I discussed today in the grocery check out lane, we are normal.

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