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Monday, March 18, 2013

Birthday Parties and Whatnot


We had a home show Saturday (shocker) so Tessie got to spend the WHOLE day with her Aunt, Uncle and 4 of her cousins… before they all piled in the cars to go to Grandma and Grandpas to see everyone else for E’s birthday party.     I know, we are the luckiest people ever to have family so willing to take our baby for hours and hours on end.     The party was pure chaos but it was fun to see everyone and we managed to pile all 10 cousins on the couch for a picture.   The confused one on the end is ours, of course.  You can just hear her inside voice “hey, wait, what?   what’s happening?  what’s going on?  is that the TV on??”

cousins on couch

Sunday was her first St. Patrick’s Day and you know how I love to embrace the holidays… so we started the day with some green pancake for breakfast.   Here is our little tiny lucky charm!

lucky charm

That afternoon we drove down to Mankato to go to Birthday Party #2…  party hats and all.  We both think she had a blast.   She waved and said HI to everyone, she played like crazy and she didn’t object at all to her party hat.   In fact, her Dad finally was the one to take it off because it appeared to be digging in to her head.    Love these pics of her riding with her cousin in the wagon, and patiently waiting for her cake.   (she only had a few bites of my cupcake!)

cousin wagoncake

Today was a daycare day.   It never fails.  She spends one day with a handful of 2 year olds and comes home with a trick.   I was feeding her and she acted like she wanted to grab the spoon so I gave it to her.  What do I care?   I was curious to see what she would do with it.   Imagine my surprise when it went straight into her mouth.   Over and over again like it was no big deal at all.   But she still handed it to me each time so I could reload it.   I couldn’t believe it!  Such a big girl!

That’s all for now.  


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