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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

She knows all the noises


We don’t have normal schedules.   We don’t have free time.   We aren’t ever “OFF”.   Even when we aren’t in the office we are always on call.   The phone is never far from us.   When the phone rings even Tessie stops and looks.  We are in the growth stage of running a small business that supports this family.   When we stop working, it stops producing.

While this is extremely limiting some times, it is extremely flexible other times and the trade off is worth it.   Even though Steve works very long hours, he is often home during the day and gets lots and lots of time to play with his peanut. 

This means that the baby has grown accustomed to our bizarre schedules and habits.    She is an extremely curious little girl and she pays attention to things..  so when she hears noises she looks, points, smiles, and says HI.  

These noises include:

  • waking up to the sound of her Dad shoveling the driveway
  • the sound of the carts moving as the truck is being unloaded
  • the sound of the car door closing
  • the sound of the keys hitting the tray
  • the sound of the door closing
  • the back door opening
  • a Diesel truck pulling in to the driveway
  • the phone ringing
  • the sound of a text coming in
  • the fax machine ringing.

We love having her with us and we are just constantly so amused by what she is learning and how she is showing us what we know.


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