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Wednesday, April 24, 2013




We’ve had a lot of firsts here the last few days.   Watching a baby develop and grow in their first year is the most amazing thing.  period.   We love watching our peanut and celebrating everything with her!

She now has 3, almost 5 teeth.   We waited and waited and waited for that first one, and then before we knew it there were 2.   I stopped noticing and obsessing about her mouth until  one day I looked and there were 3.  Oh wait, close to 5.   We looked  away for a second, we blink, and there we have missed something.   And she is with me  6 days a week!

Yesterday was a gorgeous perfect spring day.   We went on a walk, and we spent close to 45 minutes at the park.   She loved playing with the other kids, playing in the tunnels, going down the slide, etc.

I still had work to do when I got home so I threw her in the tub and made calls to confirm appointment from the bathroom.  (classy, right?).    I used  my hand signal for SIT DOWN for the first time and she responded immediately.   Of course it became a game, but she responded and once again I felt like we were communicating.   

After a very long bath I asked her if she was done and she said YAH and then raised her arms over her head.    Later I put her video in and she responded by clapping her hands and cheering YAY!!    This is the trifecta of perfect first words.   Very positive and friendly.  HI.  YAH.  YAY.

She practices standing all the time and she is very very steady.   She has started trying to stand up in the middle of the room hanging on to nothing.   She hasn’t yet figured that one out.   She has started practicing how to crawl up on to things like the couch.   Luckily she is still too short for that one.   She loves music.  She dances as she pleases.   She claps her hands when she is happy.   She always says Hi to you.  The frequency of her greeting correlates to her excitement level.   She sings along as she pleases.

1117We went downtown for lunch for the first time yesterday to visit Janet.   It was lunch hour so the streets were packed and there was lots to see and point at.   She was a total hooligan at lunch so I did turn into that Mom who let her sit in the booth next to me eating french fries with both hands.  First french fry experience and she is totally a fan.   Also, she had no problem with that pickle spear! 

Her cousins Lena and Elissa are in town this weekend and as they were all playing together today Tessie leaned over to hug each of them multiple times.   I’ve not seen the spontaneous hug before and it was the sweetest thing.   Made all the sweeter that it was cousins so close to her own age that she only sees a few times a year.



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