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Sunday, August 11, 2013

It takes a village…


Well, I survived working the Anoka & Dakota County Fairs.   I always know what to expect, and I am always surprised at how incredibly hard it is to sit there and look approachable while being bored out of my mind for hours and hours a day.  The beginning of the week is easier, and by the end of the week I am exhausted.  I am just simply too much of an introvert to work that many hours in a row at an event like that.  This year it was just worse looking at all the adorable little girls while missing my baby girl. 

We only work the 2 fairs so we rely heavily on family to watch Tessie while we work.  Steve could totally watch her while I work the fair, obviously, but then he is not able to run appointments or visit installs or take care of any errands that need to be done.  So sometimes he ends up being here most of the day while we also have someone else here to watch Tessie.   At least then he gets to visit, right?

Should we do a recap of our last week?  Here goes.  party fun

Saturday – Brady and Ben Birthday Pool party – we saw ALL of the Prindles, and Greg & Peg Palen.   

Splhsunday – my high school girlfriends came over for a good old fashioned catch up & giggle.

Monday – Great Grandma Lorraine and  Auntie Pat came over during the day while I was prepping for the fair, and then Grandma Katie came over at night while I was at the fair and Steve ran an appointment.

Tuesday – Grandma Jean and Grandpa John came over for the day. 

Wednesday – Daycare day so she could play with the kids at Stephanie's.  Then she and Daddy hung out all night – and shared a blizzard at DQ!kk at fair

Thursday – She went to see Emily, Mikayla and Zach, and then spent the afternoon at the Fair with Bryan, Brady, Audrey and Dane.  After seeing the lumberjack demonstration she now makes the chainsaw noise pretty much all the time.  I showed here a YouTube Video of a guy cutting down a tree and she laughed her baby butt off.

Friday – She went to see Auntie Cecelia and I’m pretty sure she saw Great Grandpa Irv for a bit too. 

So today…   we needed to seriously chill.  Steve is out at the Fair and I got a whole long day at home with no agenda but to love up my baby and recharge.   We made tons of messes and we did lots of cleaning up.  Then we did some shopping and some playing at the park.  While she was napping I finished reading a book, and tonight I finally finished Steve’s Father’s Day Gift.   Better late than never, right?

reading with PatThank you so much to my village.   We absolutely couldn’t do this without you.   As hard as it is to be away from Tessie for so long it is so very nice to have that time with her in the morning to tell her about what to expect for the day.   I love that concentration she has while looking at me when I give her the plan.   I love it even more when she perks up and grins when she hears a name she likes or points to Stephanie’s house when that is the plan.     I know that she has a blast with everyone.


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