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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Third week in August


Although I have decided to blog, I’m not that good at it.  Also, titles are not my strong suit.   I need the outlet of writing and I am a compulsive over-sharer so that is a good start.   I also have an almost frantic need to remember everything in this incredible first year of Tessie’s life so that seems good.  But in the midst of my list making mode my lists sometimes turn to her, and then a week later I find a quick list about what she has done but I haven’t actually written about her.  It’s probably worth noting that I don’t spell check and I rarely re-read anything.  You maybe already noticed. 

Today I will catch up.tessie in bumbo 8-26-12

Last week it seems like Tess-a-roonie turned the corner and she can now hold her head up strong.   I don’t feel like I need to support her every second and so she generally seems like a solid little person now.   I even started leaving her car seat in the car and just grabbing her.   Grab and Go Baby is much easier….  especially when running quick errands or going to Chipotle.   Plus,  Grab and Go Baby gets tons of compliments from strangers telling her how beautiful she is.   She loves that.  I even dragged out the Bumbo seat to see is she could do it.   What do you think?

She is very interested in feeling everything.   At naptime she likes to feel the satin / fleece little blanket if its close, or her monkey.   She has always fallen asleep with her hands in her hair so there is still that, too.  When I change her she feels the wall, and she’s even started rubbing her hands on my arm or my face or my chest.   It’s just like she is checking everything out to see how it feels. 

Grandma Kathtessie and mom in office aug 24y and Auntie Pat came over for a few days to visit and Tessie always has the biggest smiles for them.   We love that they come over so often because Tessie definitely knows who they are, and they are very comfortable with her schedule so if we need to run an errand or hide in the office for hours, we can do that.   

Speaking of the office, here is a self portrait of the two of us from last week.   I have learned there is definitely a category of work I can do one handed.  I have also learned that when something this cute is on your lap you cannot be expected to be productive.    I would say “Don’t tell Steve”… but I suspect he already knows.


To wrap up… here are a few more cute pics from the week….  Tessie chillin’ on the floor with Girard the Giraffe,  enjoying a fall feeling day with a hoodie and a grey cotton headband, and of course a shot of the cutest chubbiest thighs ever.   Everybody loves chubby baby thighs, right?

 tessie chilling with girard 8-25-12Tessie 8-23 warm up  chubby thighs 8-27-12

There you have it.   Hugs!

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