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Sunday, August 12, 2012

11 weeks

Originally written July 14, 2012

Sweet  sweet Tessie..  You are 11 weeks old already.    At your 9 week appointment you had already grown 4 inches   which explains why your feet are busting out of your pjs.  You weighed 11 pounds 12 oz.  I like this because of course your Dad and I got married on Novenber 12, and I think its fun when the numbers are the same.    

You got 4 shots and you didn’t really cry until the 3rd one so I feel like you are a tough girl.  I already knew you aren’t much of a complainer.    As the Dr was checking you out and telling me how perfect and healthy you are you lifted up your head and showed off how strong your neck is.   She was very impressed with you, as your Dad and I always are too!

Of course your Dad and I both think you are the smartest baby ever.   You are so alert and focused when you are awake.  You pay attention to everything around you.   Yesterday you were playing with your giraffe and you seem better than ever at controlling your arms and hands.  You pet him and reach for him and hang on to him.   Girard is definitely your buddy!    You also seem to do a pretty good job sleeping with your arm up by your head so if your nuk falls out you can push it back in.  A few weeks ago you actually got it back in, but it was backwards so you could only suck on the handle.  You were pretty mad, but I was super impressed with you.

Last night when your Dad came home you caught his eye right away and gave him the biggest smile ever.   We loved that!   You smile and chatter at us all the time.  The other day you were so happy and so chatty that it almost sounded like you were trying to laugh!

I know I probably already told you this… but you really are the best baby.   We can put you down for your nap when you’re still awake and you don’t protest.   At night you barely even seem to care if you ever have your Nuk.   You are on a good schedule, you sleep so good at night, and you tolerate us dragging you into the office every day.

Some things about you:
  • ·         You hate lying down flat unless its time for bed.  You want to be up where you can see what is going on.  You definitely don’t want to miss anything.   We have started propping you up in the corner of the couch and this seems to be perfect.
  • ·         You stare at the ceiling fan so much that when its off and we notice you continue to glance its direction, we feel we need to turn it on for you.
  • ·         You are sleeping through the night!!   You sleep for 6-8 hour stretches each night starting at 10 or 10:30 and its wonderful!    You’ve always been “all business” at night, so when I feed and change you I’m usually back in bed in 20 minutes.   You are the best baby!
  • ·         You are starting to enjoy bathtime; but you still scream bloody murder when we are drying you off and getting you dressed so we don’t like bathtime just yet.

Mom and Dad

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