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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Easy Peasy Smartie Pants.

My incredibly easy baby is actually getting easier.  Is that possible?
This weekend she started to sign “more” to me; which I love, obviously.   She doesn’t necessarily do it when she wants more of something, but she does it when she wants something.   And she is so sweet and deliberate with it that I melt every time.   I’ll ask if she wants to eat and she signs it.   I ask if she wants a bath and she signs it.    And yesterday she walked half way across the room to me and after our little mini celebration she signed it to me and I got out of the way so she could keep walking. 
She continues to sign “all done” to me – completely appropriately.   I love how it takes the guess work out of stuff.   Has she had enough to eat?  Yes.   Is she done playing in the office?  She is.  Was that long enough in the tub?  Oh..  yes .  She says it was.   But guess what?  She isn’t using the normal sign.  She made up her own.  My little process improver throws her hands in the air like she is on a roller coaster when she is done.  It’s clearer.  More obvious.   And she isn’t turning back. 
Her pointing is in overdrive but there is no question what she is interested in.   This includes the neighborhood.   She stands in the bay window on her tippy toes and points at everything that happens across the street.  And if you’ve ever heard me talk about the shenanigans at the house across the street you’d know that was a lot. 
Her one and only word continues to be HI.   For 3 solid months now we’ve been greeted and re-greeted and greeted again throughout every single day. She has a million variations of it.  Sometimes she barks it like a dog with a huge smile on her face  (HI HI HI HI HI HI).    I love it.  I hope it never ends.
Tonight during her bath I decided we should start grouping the foam animals by color.  I put up two green animals and asked her if there was another green one in the water.  She looked around and pulled the last green one out of the water.   Huh.  So I put up two red ones and asked her if she could find the other red one.  Again, she looked around and she offered the red one to me!!   I was so proud and so excited!   She didn’t do again to the other colors but I didn’t care  I was just so stinking impressed.  
I think its easy to forget that even though she is little she is insatiably curious and soaking in information at warp speed.   Ever since Mr Swanson asked Tessie where her shoes were that day and immediately pointed to them I have been trying to ask her more questions so she could demonstrate to me what she knows.  Its amazing to me how much babies learn in such a short period of time.  As a parent it would be so easy to brag about how smart she is.  I know she is smart and I am sure she is normal smart. I am not a parent who is going to brag about her being anything more special than every other child every born.  I am going to be openly crazy head over heels in love with the miracle that she is.    And I am quite certain that for the rest of her life I will be in awe of her.
Before I go….
When I left the living room she was channel surfing with the remote.  When I came back she was clapping.   She had landed on “so you think you can dance” and was amused.   Love.

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