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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oh yeah. I can do that.


I could start every post as follows:   “I am completely overwhelmed and completely overjoyed in every moment of every day.”    So now that its out there I won’t.

Tessie is the most fun person on the planet.   She is  incredibly curious and continually showing us what she is learning.   And our gift is that we are here to witness it all.     I had 3 full days this week without her so was able to buckle down and got some serious work done.   Enough that I feel that I am managing the work again instead of the other way around.   This gives me freedom to just be the Mom while she is awake.    

This week she is coming closer and closer to walking.   I put shorts on her the other day; which she hated.   So it forced her to stay on her feet as much as possible practicing walking around stuff.  She will let go for a second as she steps between things.   She can stand on her own for a long time.  She can go from squatting to standing to squatting again.  It is like she is putting herself through the paces.  I watched her let go the other day and start doing the twist from one side to the other while standing.. just practicing her balance.  She has taken one step to me repeatedly but has only taken more than one a few times.

sunshine2walking around

Meals out with friends has come to an abrupt halt.   She is just too much of a hooligan.  She does not want to be contained. Wednesday night we met Gail out at a patio and luckily it wasn’t crowded because we just let the baby loose to explore the corner we were in.   She wouldn’t eat a thing and came home covered in dirt.   I should also mention that the manager was obsessed with her.  He stopped by our table at least three times  and never asked about us or our meal, he just wanted to get closer to Tessie.   I think he maybe asked once if he could get HER something to drink.   It was nice to know she was welcome. 

sams grill

We bought her a bunch of those crazy foam animals to play with in the tub.  The first night she stared.  The next few nights she ignored them.   I would put them on the side of the tub and she would frantically hit at them until they were off.   Then Steve gives her a bath and she decided to show off.   She decorated the tub with the animals then practiced stacking them up when she was  done.  He hasn’t been home for bath time lately so it seems she  was anxious to show him what she could do. 

She is an aggressive greeter.  When she decides to talk to you she will say HI to you every few seconds.   Just ask the lady browsing in the same aisle as us at Home Goods.  I think we were in the store 15 minutes and she said HI to people 700 times.   Right up until the cashier said HI to her and then she acted all aloof.  It has to be her idea to talk to you. 

Last but not least…  she had her first McDonalds Cheeseburger this week.  It is a right of passage in a way, but it feels so wrong.  She picked off the bun and ate only that.   I guess she will be fine. 


That’s all for this week.  


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