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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Green Stuff

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Eat green 10-6 Last night we moved on from Rice Cereal – directly to green veggies.   Beans, to be exact.  Tessie didn’t hesitate.   We got a few faces, but they were “what’s happening?” faces more than they were “get that green stuff away from me” faces.   Steve hates green beans so he was hoping she would reject them and was just waiting for the icky face.   ick10-6This is the closest he got.  She did eat all of it.   She is a trooper, that Tessie.



I decided a long time ago that I would make her baby food.  I just like the idea of knowing exactly what she is getting, and I also like the ability to create any combination of foods I want for her meals.  Obviously we need to introduce her to foods over time, but if we fast forward to the future, I know I can give her multiple tastes of fruits and vegetables with every meal.  I want her to think that is normal.  I want her to be a healthy eater who makes smart decisions. I do not believe eating a healthy well balaced diet just happens.  So…   I decided to make her baby food. 

For my first attempt I cooked the green beans in my new best friend, the pressure cooker.  Then I tossed the cooked beans into my old best friend, the Ninja blender and pureed it.   I used the water from the pressure cooker to thin the puree to the right consistency and poof!… in 10 minutes I had enough beans for her for a few weeks.  I tasted them and they were delicious  AND the color was good.  (not that nasty canned green).   I have one freezer tray right now, but I will get more so I can instantly freeze the excess food I make for her in perfect little portions.   Now that I know how easy  - and incredibly satisfying – it is I can’t wait to move on to peas, broccoli, carrots, avocado, sweet potatoes, squash, PUMPKIN, cauliflower, parsnips,  fruit, etc.   So fun! 

On another note, as I was making dinner for Steve and I  (pesto and sun dried tomato chicken and pine nut couscous)  I captured this little bit of mischief.  Little miss “socks constantly coming off” seems to have found a way to accelerate the process. 

socks b 10-6 socks a 10-6  socks c 10-6 socks d 10-6

See how cute?     -  not doing anything     -  now is my big chance   -  who me?

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