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Friday, October 5, 2012

5 Months!

 5 months a

Dear Sweet Tessie,

I love watching you get so big  - even though I still want you to be small forever!  Every single day I feel like you are changing and learning more and more.

Here are just a few ways you’ve changed this week.

You are eating cereal every day now.  You LOVE it.  You react when you see the box of cereal, you grab for the spoon, you pant in between bites and you open your mouth so big for your next bite.   It didn’t take you long to learn to eat with a spoon at all.  Your Dad and I are so proud!

You are moving a bit. I am in denial.  The other day while I was getting ready I put you onmover 9-28-12 your little play mat – on your back so you cold look up at yourself in the mirror.   By the time my hair was dry and my makeup was on you were practically in the bathroom with me.  

  • butt 10-2 Somehow you have this whole inchworm routine down – where you put an enormous amount of energy into moving the smallest little bit. Mostly it starts with getting your butt WAY up in the air.   But it works.  You spin and you scoot & if you need something that is fairly close to you, you can get fly 9-29it.  
  • You can also do a little Superman rocking action.  I noticed it last weekend and immediately took a picture to send to your Aunts.   You took me by surprise..  I have to admit! 

upward dog 10-2  And ……a little Upward Dog.   You inspire  me to get back to yoga!

  You are the happiest baby around. You wake up talking and singing; never crying.   Even this morning you woke up in the dark and sang away until I came in to see you.   You sing in the car when we are driving around and you are very content and happy to hang in the office with us all day.  I give you credit for knowing to be quiet when the phone rings, because you do it every time.   I may be getting over confident, but I am fine answering work phone calls with you in my arms because you cooperate.   You are already an important part of Team Brager in the office!

If… nope…. WHEN you see something you want, you can get it.  You reach for it, you get it, and you can get it directly into your mouth.  The trial and error is gone.  You can do it.  Your Dad and I still cheer when we see you grab for your Nuk and get it in your mouth, but we aren’t surprised.   I, however, was surprised this afternoon when you went down for your nap with your green nuk, but woke up with your pink nuk.   I swear you smirked at me too when I noticed.   I know you are a smart girl, and I am positive you know much more than you are letting on to.

I can’t wait to see what surprises you have in store for un in the coming weeks!  Love you Sweet Girl!

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