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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The. Cutest.


In case you’re wondering.. I have taken 513 pictures since I got my new phone.  On Labor Day.  But the problem is that my baby girl is SO STINKING CUTE I cannot stop myself.

Also, I feel I should mention that the fact that blogging is the perfect combination of scrapbooking , journaling, and constant list making is not lost on me.  It is why I love it.  That said,  here are some highlights from last few weeks.

Tessie is officially too big for the baby bathtub now but are going to ignore that and just keep using it until we can fix the actual bath tub in the house.  She is starting to enjoy hanging out in the water and playing in it.

 bath 10-17

project runway octWe enjoyed watching the season finale of Project Runway. errands 10-18


She does so very many errands with me.   This particular day we were off to pick up a permit. She looks as excited as I was.   Definitely more fun to go to the Mall.


trader joes 10-19First visit to Trader Joe’s – AND first time sitting in the front of the shopping cart.   It’s a little cart so it worked great.  She was definitely the most popular person in the store the whole time we were there.  


A final sleeping picture of my baby.  Can you even stand it? sleepin oct


The sweetest.  Every Second.

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