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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hello Fall – Goodbye Market!

originally written 10-14-12

It’s fall.  

I know this because there is a Mum in my living room.   It is sunny and the leaves are peaking…. and it is 28 degrees outside.    Time to put away all the cute summer clothes. I also know this because Steve spent the weekend mornings wearing as many clothes as possible and was still frozen solid while standing at the Farmers Market.  Fulfilling our obligation to be present the entire season, while incredible uncomfortable and watching every freezing homeowner RACE past him.   Impossible conditions to write business.  I cannot wait until we are done with it!

market 10-14d We cruised down to the Farmers Market to do our last visit of the season, and to help Steve pack up for the last time.   It was a bit nostalgic because the Market is such a big part of our lives.   While we were down there I couldn’t resist taking a bunch of pictures.  

market 10-14b market 10-14a market 10-14c 

Tessie chomped on her elephant while we loaded up the display, then we all went out for pancakes.  Pumpkin pancakes, if you must know.

market elephant 10-14


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