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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Home Show Weekend

originally written 10-22

We had a big home show this weekend.   It is the largest fall show we do, and we had a large island booth- so we definitely needed both of us to work it. 

Saturday we brought Tessie to my Mom and Dad’s to watch all day. After a lodad 10-21ng day at the show it was so nice to see my parents and have a hot meal waiting for us.  This is the day Mom said “this is the easiest day we’ve ever had with a baby… including our own”.   I don’t care if it’s true – it is the nicest thing that has ever been said about our Tessie.   It is also the day Dad said “She is as calm as a…a… a stone!!”  Love.  It makes it so much easier to leave your baby with people when you know she will be easy for them and they will love it.

squash 10-20

squast 10-21


When we got home we gave her her first taste of squash.  It was a messy adventure, but she loved it!   




Sunday Tessie had a day with the Sternbergs.  Dane held her constantly.   Audrey was always close by her side – watching her sleep, monitoring where her Nuk was, getting her toys, etc.   She was the best helper ever – even giving her a bottle!  Tessie was just thrilled with the attention.

 audrey 10-21


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