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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Freedom to Breathe


Just like that November is almost gone.   This always happens – one day it is Halloween and you feel like it is too early to think about Christmas and then in a blink of an eye it is Thanksgiving and you’re enjoying a ridiculously long weekend. Somehow in the middle of that we enjoyed our first wedding anniversary!

We had a rough November.  The cycle of caring for baby, running our business, planning for the new year, finishing up the biggest job we’ve ever had, working on renovating our rental so we can get it rented, and then just taking time to remember to be a regular family has been tough.   Some days our busy life seems like just that.  Our busy crazy life.   Then other days our busy life seems insane; it gets busy-ER, crazy-ER and almost too much to bear.   I know when I get overwhelmed.  I recognize that when I start spending every spare second making the same list over and over…  I have too much to handle.  And when I am feeling that way I can’t calm down until Steve calms down, but when we are feeling that way he doesn’t stop and I can go days or weeks without feeling calm.  It is the cycle of our life. I know this.  But I actually look forward to the months when we know business will be down some because it gives us the freedom to catch our breath.  And to catch up.  And clean off our desk.  And follow up on everything.   And plan.   And breathe again. 

Maybe I am overzealous in my list making.  Maybe I need “care for our awesome baby” to be #1 every day.   And then maybe I need to add only 2 other things to that list that are work things.   Maybe every day I need to add the wildcard of “deal with the unexpected” to that list so when it happens (and it WILL happen) it won’t toss me over the edge.  I am so lucky to be able to work from home and care for my baby every day but I never said it was easy to do it all.

So this last week I made the time to watch my sister’s kids for the afternoon on Monday.   I had lunch with friends on Tuesday.  We hosted Thanksgiving on Thursday and I spent Friday helping my cousin and her family move.  I also just made time to finish personal projects I have started over the last few months.   That feels good.  And you know how I love Christmas… the cards are ready to be mailed and today we put up the tree.   Steve and I are watching Mobster Bios and he just made Hot Chocolate Brownies.   Life is good.  We just need to remember to breathe.  To plan.  To do the right things.  And then when we get caught in the crazy cycle I need to step out of it and help others for awhile.   I know everyone’s life is crazy.  Everyone has things that are hard for them and that they struggle with.   We all just do our best.  Right?

Tomorrow the Tesser and I are going to decorate the tree and put up our stockings.   We have dinner at Scotts and then we will be ready to get back to work on Monday.  Wish me luck.

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