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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Magic Baby


When Katie and Bryan watched Tessie a few weeks ago they started calling her the magic baby when they put her down for her nap.  It seems they couldn’t believe that when it is time for her nap that you really just lay her down and walk away from her.   She will not fuss, she will sleep.  She is magic.   One of the many things I love about her!

But today she brought to a whole new level.   She apparently decided that now she is 6 months she can skip her early evening nap and go to bed at 8pm like a big girl.   She went far beyond her “awake for only 90 minutes at a time” and stayed up for 5 hours.   Five.  I mean, for crying out loud!  I put her down a few times but she was up there just blowing raspberries and visiting with her bunny and having a grand old time so I got her up again.  Finally when I did put her down she immediately looked away from me and closed her eyes. I changed my clothes and went back to peek on her and she barely turned her head to look at me but did make a point of staring at the light.  It was if to say “could you turn that off?”  And I did.   Magic.  Baby.

If she really is changing her schedule I am thrilled.  I would love the extended awake time in the evening so I can run errands, and play with her after the work day.  Of course, I would also love it if she went down at 8 every night to give me some time to wind down at night.  

On another note, both Steve and I have the same guilty pleasure…  and it is bringing her into bed with us.  I feel like we shouldn’t be and I feel like it could be creating such a bad habit..  but then I think maybe I don’t care.  We have a baby.   A sweet perfect little baby and she will not be interested in sharing our bed forever.  Why can’t we just indulge?

So usually we don’t bring her in until 6am when she gets up and eats.  We all just snooze for another hour or so and when we wake up we get the biggest smiles.  It is the BEST.  But the other night he she squawked – like one time – and he bolted into her room, scooped her up and brought her to our bed.  It was barely after midnight.   He loved that she rotated over sideways and kicked him all night.   That will probably be less cute in about 6 months, but who cares?

Not us.  

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