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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I used to work at a huge company where I would literally talk to 100 or more people every single day.   Sometimes I would talk to that many people before I even made it to my desk in the morning  (if I was waiting in line for a coffee in the lobby).    Now…  different.   Now I work with just a few people and there are days and days that go by where the only people I see are Steve and Tessie.  

I am obsessed with Facebook.  It is sometimes my tether to the outside world.  Instead of eavesdropping on a co-workers conversation, I stalk them on Facebook.   Instead of “prairie-dogging” in our cubes I just check my newsfeed.   This doesn’t mean I’m not busy, or swamped, or spinning my wheels.  It doesn’t even mean I am totally escaping from work.  It just means that I need a bit more contact than my world is currently giving me.

I still cannot actually get my head around the fact that I have a baby.  I watch her everyday and she blows my mind.   Some days it is literally all I can do to not post a picture of her on Facebook every hour.  My family gets pictures of her texted to them constantly.   They bear the brunt of my joy and I’m sure they love it. 

Although I spend a good chunk of my days just staring at Tessie, I don’t see her getting bigger.   I do, however, see her getting smarter.  I watch her figuring things out.  I watch her getting stronger.   I am amazed and thrilled each time I watch her do something for the first time.   I cheer for her all day.   Confidence will not be something she lacks.

I think it would be fun to take a picture of her every day and post about it.   I take at least a picture of her everyday anyway so it shouldn’t be that hard.  It is true that many many pics of her would be exactly the same.   Who cares.   I’m doing it. 

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