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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 11 - Just a Tuesday

ribbon 12-11 

Oh, the normal-ness of a Tuesday.    After working all morning we divided and conquered.   Steve and Tessie hung out all afternoon while I took off to do some more Christmas shopping and pick up more groceries.  As you can see, I also bought more supplies for wrapping gifts.  

You can also see her sitting position of choice.  One leg back and one forward – giving the impression she could take off in a sprint at any moment. 



After she went to bed we watched the movie “Hope Springs”.   I thought it would be more of a chick flick (imagine how excited Steve was) but it was really just sad.   It made me want to just snuggle up to my husband.  Maybe that was the point.   So I wouldn’t necessarily recommend or not recommend the movie.  Just be warned. 


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