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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 10 – The day she didn’t sleep


Why does that happen?   Maybe she was just finally feeling the thrill of the snow but she did not sleep all day.  Oh I threw her in bed a few times and she goofed off up there for awhile, but she didn’t sleep more than 30 minutes in the morning, and MAYBE 45 in the afternoon.  

I had work to do.   So I did what any awesome Mom would do.  I threw her in the big chair and turned on Barney.   She was immediately enthralled, and then a few minutes later she made herself more comfortable.   I had 10 minutes to get my thoughts together about how to successfully complete a work day with this baby watching my every move.  Thank goodness she wasn’t crabby. 

not sleeping

That night after dinner she started laughing.  Not the courtesy chuckle or the start of a real laugh like we’ve been getting for months.   She was really really laughing and it was hilarious.   Yes, I do have it on video (so I could show Steve).   No I am not sharing it because I am a total fool on the video.    Use your imagination, I’m sure it will be close to what really happened!  we love her


Here she is just on the couch staring at me.   She was sitting in the corner just moments before.   This is as close as she gets to cuddling.   I’ll take it.


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