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Saturday, December 8, 2012

December 6 – My Birthday!!


Best. Day. Ever. 
I am someone who likes a lot of attention on her birthday.   I like the cards and the phone calls and the texts and the Facebook Messages.   I like presents.  I like cake.  I like people to tell me how awesome I am.   I welcome every opportunity for my bucket to be filled with positivity and love and my birthday just kicks that feeling into overdrive.

I used to have a party for myself on my birthday – inviting friends and family over to my house while I served only my favorite things.   That was always a kick.

On my 40th birthday my family pulled off a surprise party!  (Obviously it was a surprise… I didn’t even shower that day!!!) and then Steve and I flew to Virginia to see the ocean before deciding to rent a car and drive to DC.  We LOVE DC!   So that birthday we spent in the Smithsonian;   then last year we were in San Diego and we spent my birthday at the Zoo!  

This year  we were home.  We all slept in.  We made Gingerbread pancakes.  When I first checked my phone it was flooded with greetings.   Since we have a company rule (that only I follow) that no one works on their birthday I had the whole day off.  It was awesome. 

I decided to keep with the “national destinations” theme and spent the day at the Mall of America.  I LOVE it there at Christmas!  The lights, the music, the peppermint mochas….   the stores filled with people choosing gifts…  Love it.   I had lunch with two sisters (complete with perfect gifts), coffee with another sister (with another perfect gift) , and I shopped for hours.   I especially loved that I had a gift card to my favorite store so I could do some guilt free shopping as well – maximizing clearance and 40% off pricing as well.

Jolene was with Tessie all day and she volunteered to stay late so Steve and I could go to dinner.   Like a date.  After dinner we came home, grabbed Tessie and headed out to see Santa.  She wasn’t super sure about him but she gave him a good look.



After we got home I had one more gift (the most perfect gift) from Tessie and Steve before we put her to bed.  Like I said, BEST BIRTHDAY EVER.

daddy 12-6


 mommy 12-6

Thank you to everyone!


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