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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 2 – Seven Months Baby!!!


She is 7 months old and she turned a corner.7

She has been sitting on her own for a few weeks but now today I am seeing some more confident activities.   She is great at leaning for things that seem out of reach, but keeping her balance and getting back to a seated position.   Today she started pulling the blanket towards her so she could get at a toy that was too far away.   She also tried for a long time to move from sitting to her tummy and her attempts were much more controlled than they have been.   She was on all fours at one point, but then sat back up again and started over so she could kick her leg out of the way.   When she landed on her tummy it wasn’t the flop we’ve seen in the past.   When I praised her she giggled.  She knew.

She is scooting.  Part army crawl, part arms only, part legs pushing, all fours once in a while…   I could watch her for hours.   I see that she moves and I honestly am still not even sure exactly how she does it!!

She is communicating better with us too.  I mean, she totally grunts and hollers like a caveman to get our attention, but when we ask her what she needs she giggles when we are right.   And when I think she wants to eat I can sign only, and I get the same response. 


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