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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5 – Lots of visiting


Little miss scoots a lot is no longer content with playing with the toys placed in front of her.   She prefers to tip over her basket and dig dig dig for what she wants.

digging for toys

Before her morning nap we raced over to the rental to show it.   Here we are just patiently waiting.  We were a little late heading over, so she has a hat and boots on and I just wrapped her in a blanket and ran!

waiting 12-5 

We had another ladies luncheon today.  This time we met Grandma Kathie and Chief Auntie Pat at the Good Day Cafe.   We were glad Pat got us a great corner booth so we could spread out a bit and Tessie wouldn’t bother anyone.   As it was, she sat there and was just sweet as pie the whole time.    Here she is with Auntie Pat. And Sophie the Giraffe. We go nowhere without her!

lunch 12-5

At bedtime – and I swear I couldn’t make this up – T was lying in her crib and was holding her hand up over her face shielding it from the light.  Point made.  I turned the light off and wished her sweet dreams.

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